Shadow boxing with creativity

A few days ago I was surfing the web trying to find anything that would interest me. I think that the Internet is such a powerful tool for exploring ideas and learning new things. As I was surfing, I came across a painting that I have not looked at since I was taking an art class in high school. Salvador Dali's brilliant masterpiece, the persistence of memory.

It made me think about the importance of imagination and creativity. It made me reflect on how monotonous things can be, and how as individuals we all have the power to break free of the overwhelmingly boring day to day chores some of us tend to succumb to.

The persistence of memory is so unique and interesting that i can't help but be jealous of the world that Dali must have lived in. Imagine seeing the world through his eyes. I suspect that it must have been a lot like dreaming while your awake...

In the following weeks, as i begin to develop this blog, I will start incorporating some of the ideas that i have been dying to get out of the box (see previous post). I don't have a structure of how I'm going to relay my thoughts and ideas just yet, but i think i will be needing one. Apparently people need this type of construct to keep them interested... But, this is about me and my way right? We'll see how it goes.

Thank you Dali for sharing your output with us, For those of you that are not familiar, its probably worth checking out this Wikipedia article on him.



The Black Box Theory

'The "black box theory of consciousness" states that the mind can be fully understood once the inputs and outputs are well defined. This is usually followed with radical skepticism that the possibility of ever successfully describing the underlying structure, mechanism, and dynamics of the mind will ever be possible...'

Basically what this means is that we may be able to observe and analyze what information is "input" into the mind, and witness the various forms of the magnificent creations it can "output", but we may never be able to understand the actual mechanism involved in this process. Alas, the mind is a black box that can really only be defined by its inputs and its outputs.

It is from this theory that i entitled my blog "the black box chronicles". Simply, I am chronicling the thoughts and ideas that come from my black box, and the the memories and experiences that shape them.


The Art of Making Mistakes...

Making mistakes is definitely an art form. The art lies in learning from your mistakes, and allowing them to teach you how to be a better person. This sounds like a cliche, but this is probably among the most important tools you can have in life. Can you imagine a world where people never learned from their mistakes? We would still have famine... wars... murder... and... wait... i guess this world is a good example of people not learning fro their mistakes. Think about the amount of people on this planet, (especially the well educated and powerful leaders) who neglect this important aspect of being a human. This is a testament to how hard it really is to pull ourselves outside of the instinctual habit of defending our mistakes, while being too proud to admit them. But pride is a difficult hurdle to overcome, especially when your consistently confronted with the pride of others. I strongly believe that shedding your ego can help define you character and instill peace in your heart, as well as in the hearts of those that are close to you.

life is too short to give certain experiences (as well as pride) the power to exclusively determine how you perceive the world. It is undoubtedly true that life experiences are valuable. They teach us that fire burns, and that jumping from a roof is not a good idea... but some things must be reanalyzed and reprogrammed into the brain. To take a step back and rethink who you are and how you see the world is a constant process, and its a life long journey. It's never ending.

I'm going to learn how to make the most beautiful mistakes by allowing them to teach me about myself, and about what it means to be human. I think thats the art of making mistakes.


Material Possession #002

My chess set that i don't use as often as i would like to. My girl bought it for me a while back. It is Chinese made. They are terracotta warriors on a dragon board.

Writing and Me

There are some things in this world that are true no matter what. The sky is blue, water is wet, and tomorrow will always come. I also believe that some things are only true if you make them so, such as writing. But to put truth into your writing you need a voice. In order to have a voice, you need to know yourself. I think that's what prevented me from fully establishing a productive relationship with the art of writing up until now. You see, i have in the past struggled with my identity. Being young, black, and male in North America doesn't leave much room for self discovery and self exploration. You are meant to be a stereotype, you are not an individual, and when you step outside of the boundaries of what your supposed to be, you are now faced with question of your identity. To some, the idea of not to knowing who you are, or who you should be based on the colour of your skin and your environment might be unheard of, or even absurd. But i think that most people can identify. This is more than just the black experience; more broadly its an aspect of the human condition. The lack of individuality in society is perpetuated by Television, mainstream music, BET, Hollywood, and mass media in general. I am embarrassed to say that this did effect me at one point, and it probably still does. But i will try to defy this weakness. Through my writing i will express my individuality and hopefully i will grow beyond what i feel i should be, and be what i am. I will create the truth in my writing, i will define my identity.

Cold Feet

There were so many ways to start this posting but i couldn't think of even one. As im writing this now i still dont have a title for it... does that even matter?

When i started this blog i was hoping to be honest about things. I wanted to reveal my thoughts and ideas to people who were interested in them. But it never occurred to me how weird it would feel knowing that i would reveal much of my inner most thoughts to friends and strangers alike. Is this just my personal inhibition, or is it part of the process of finding my own voice? I guess i never expected to care about what people thought about what i think. But im going to go with it anyways. As weird as this feels, im going to be honest and im going to keep writing...


Blogging & Me

Life is meaningful. That's the first truth. That is the first truth. That is truth. Through pain and pleasure, life teaches us, and develops us. Life is meaningful.

People dont always observe their growth. When you don't observe how you are growing and how your reality is unfolding in your life... your missing it. It doesn't always have to be documented in public, like this blog, or even in a personal journal. But an occasional gentle meditation reflecting on who you are, and how your changing inside of your existence in essential. This is the key to balancing your energy with the rest of the universe. This is the first step in understanding the first truth, that life is meaningful.

In trying to finding that meaning, im starting to suspect that the journey is the meaning; and i think that's why i have a need to start this blog. So that i can experience my journey in a new way, and maybe ill see something that i never saw before... This is a journey to the inside of my mind...

While we're on the topic of the inside my mind... It reminds me. If you love music and creativity, and perseverance, and alien life forms... Then this is it for you. Insideamind create dope music straight out of the mystery box. They are definitely journeying through life in their own uniquely beautiful way. Click the link below to check it out.

Death of a Beard

After a valiant attempt at growing a beard, my four week journey has come to an end. It is with great sorrow that i inform you that i have returned to my familiar and boring, but dangerously handsome, shaved face. It was fun while it lasted. Maybe one day we'll meet again... Hopefully with less patchiness...


Material Possession # 001

Any fans of transformer will appreciate this... Masterpiece Megatron!

...Round 4

I suppose i can start this blog by acknowledging that im starting a new blog. But being aware that im just starting out somehow seems to prevent me from getting past the first post. This is my 4th time attempting to start a personal blog... So ill just get into it and see where it goes... I guess i just acknowledged it though... hmmm.

Thats me. Im 27... Just like everyone else, im the process of figuring out this life thing. I have a beautiful fiancee. Im black. Im sometimes distracted and sometimes focused... I joined the no meat club about a year ago, and im attempting to grow a beard...